Now releasing The Legion of Nothing by Jim Zoetewey

Jim Zoetewey superhero story debuts on the site today!

The Legion of Nothing Podcast. This show is the re-formation of the Grand Lake Super Hero League composed of the grand children of the original league members. The reformed team has access to the original teams base and gear. The young team has many potent issues and problems thrust upon them. The bad guys will not pull punches and have no problem eliminating the hero’s given the opportunity. Can the young heroes survive the deadly new and ancient forces that begin to target them?

The podcast is read and produced by Daniel Blumberg. The original story is written by Jim Zoetewey and is an on going story. Cover art of Saturn courtesy of NASA.

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  2. Daniel Blumberg Says:

    Hello! If you like the series please let me know as I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. ( I am the producer for this series )

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  4. Jennifer Brown Says:

    The announcement that a sound will precede and follow any mental communication between characters is annoying and unnecessary when the narrator reads that the dialogue takes place in a person’s mind. The opening theme song is not very good in my opinion. I will stick with this podcast for now, but I hope that improvements are made in the delivery of the narration.

  5. Daniel Blumberg Says:

    I appreciate the constructive review. Concerning the theme song it took me a while to find a 5-10 sec clip off a podcast friendly song that I thought would be memorable( in other words one that I wouldn’t have issues with royalties ). I am trying to stay true to the original story. I thought the mental communication notes will prove important because the original story typically uses +++ … +++ to denote mental communication on the website. So it is important to have something to denote that instead of pausing each time and saying… mental communication starts… mental communication ends….

    I’m glad you are sticking with the podcast, you are of course welcome to read the story on the website as well.

  6. olstar18 Says:

    If you want to use a sound cue for telepathy (that is the correct term by the way not mental communication) just use an echo. It isn’t as disruptive to the storyline as that buzz and will allow high paced combat scenes to flow more organicaly.

  7. Daniel Blumberg Says:

    Hmm, that is a thought for future communication, I have some editing stuff I might try out as well perhaps.


  8. Daniel Blumberg Says:

    Woohoo! Over 1600 downloads of the Legion of Nothing you have no idea how happy I am to see that!! I hope people continue enjoying listening to the series as much as I am creating the podcast!

  9. Daniel Blumberg Says:

    Podioracket interview with me about the Legion of Nothing just went live and you can listen to it at

    or download it via itunes!

    Daniel Blumberg

  10. Patrick Lewis Says:

    I am really enjoying this series. The production could be better, as has been noted by others, but it is a fun superhero romp that sticks to its knitting and doesn’t fall into the easy trap of melodrama and angst.

    I really like the Rocket. He’s clueless like we all were at that age, but he doesn’t let that stop him. I also appreciate that he’s a bit of a pragmatic chicken when clearly over matched.

    Zoetewey and Blumberg have created a compelling and entertaining world with explosions, action, and jetpacks and have kept it all pg-13. If you are thinking of subscribing to this, do. These kids grow on you one short episode at a time.

  11. Daniel Blumberg Says:

    Wow thank you for the kind comments:) Production is always of course a work in progress and I think I’ve improved from the earliest episodes.

    Thanx again for listening!

  12. Mike Reeves-McMillan Says:

    I’m sticking with this, although I find the narration irritating. The narrator reads too fast, and his emphasis is often in the wrong places, so it takes a lot of concentration to follow. And that “mental communication” device is just absurd.

    The story itself is keeping me listening, though.

  13. Daniel Blumberg Says:

    Glad you like the story, I stopped doing the mental communication device based on earlier reader feedback

  14. Dan Jeffrey Says:

    “Legion of Nothing” is a fun podcast that makes the miles disappear on my commute. The production starts out a bit rough but improves markedly through out as Daniel experiments and learns, so stick with it.

  15. Mister Gray Says:

    Legion of Nothing is amazing though I think with a second podcaster doing some of the other voices it would add more but I think your doing a great job as a reader for the book and will you be reading any more or is this the end of the first book? Because chapter 5 was very long apparently lol. Is there a chapter 6 or 7?

  16. Daniel Blumberg Says:

    Over 270,000 downloads! Thank you everyone for listening!

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