2009 Founder’s Choice Awards

It’s time for the 2nd annual Founder’s Choice Awards for excellence in serialized audiobook production! Over 127 serialized audiobooks were completed in 2009 — our biggest crew yet. We’re not limited to any sort of “shelf space”, so I decide to not limit the number of books that can get the award. It’s not like we’re paying for the trophies. Not yet, at least.

The winning titles for the 2009 Founder’s Choice Award are:

Note that the award is given out at the book level. But yes, you’ll notice some of the authors listed above also had winning titles last year. That’s OK. Their books deserved it. You can read more about the selection criteria below.

Here’s to doing it again with even more titles to sort through in 2010!

About the Founder’s Choice Awards

    The Founder’s Choice Awards are given annually — well, they will be given annually — to serialized audiobooks of impeccable quality. There are four criteria for choosing winners:

    1. The final episode* must have been posted within the calendar year

    2. Must have passed our panel of Sounding Board Editors who decide which titles are featured on the site
    3. Evo (that’s me) must have listened to all episodes
    4. Evo says it wins

    No, it’s neither scientific nor democratic. But that’s OK. There are lots of awards and accolades out there. I’d kind of like to have my own, if that’s OK with you. I consume lots of the serialized audiobooks on our site. But no, I don’t listen to them all. I dare say that I listen to most of them (or at least start to listen to most of them), but I will concede that there are books on the site that I haven’t listened to. Again, that’s OK. The start and end of the Founder’s Choice Award is me mentioning it here. But there’s no special treatment — as if I had any to give!

* – By “final”, I mean the last episode in the primary book content. That doesn’t count Q&A or other sorts of “extra” materials that aren’t critical to the story itself.

16 Responses to “2009 Founder’s Choice Awards”

  1. J.C. Hutchins Says:

    I’m honored to be in the company of such amazing storytellers. Thank you for the recognition!

  2. Phil Rossi Says:

    I second that emotion!

  3. Nathan Says:

    Thanks to the Sounding Board and Evo.

    It’s been an honor to have been so widely — even wildly — accepted in this community. The fans, the other authors, and the Podiobooks.com staff have been wonderful and I’m looking forward to more awesomeness in the coming year!

  4. Dan Dan The Art Man Says:

    You guys deserve it, thanks to you all for such great fiction in my ear buds for my long commutes, and to Evo and the Podiobooks.com crew for making the distribution possible. This is my favorite site on the web, period.

  5. Joe Cottonwood Says:

    Thanks, Evo. It is indeed an honor to be among such company. My life is so much better for discovering (and being discovered by) the podiobooks community. You all are great.

  6. Scott Sigler Says:

    All I know is Hutchins is up to something. And on the same note, I don’t trust that Rossi as far as I can throw him (and I’m kind of small, so I can’t throw people very far).

    Thanks, Evo!!

  7. osmia Says:

    Is this where we vote???

    If so, I’m voting for Nathan Lowell’s “Capitan’s Share”

    If not, please tell me where to go to vote.

  8. Rosanna Says:

    Congratulations to everyone.
    And to Evo.. for having such a great selection of writers on this site.

  9. Sweet! We won two Founder’s Choice Awards from PB.com! « Arioch’s Ramblings Says:

    […] 2009 Podiobooks Founder’s Choice Awards […]

  10. Chess Griffin Says:

    Congratulations to all the winners. Podiobooks.com is an amazing resource for writers and fans of great fiction. Thanks to Evo and the entire staff. Big thanks, of course, to the authors, who think outside the box and allow us fans to enjoy their works in this new media format.

    Here’s to another successful year!

  11. William Tennant Says:

    Well crikey. I can’t say how happy and pleased this makes me. Thanks Evo, and thanks all you podiobook peeps for being so welcoming. 🙂 I feel very honoured.

  12. Emerian Rich Says:

    Congrats to all the guys that won! Whoot!
    I in no way begrudge the winners because I think they all work very hard to make their books the best they can be.
    You guys are rock stars to be sure!!!
    I can’t help but notice a serious lack of chicks on the list. I’m interested to know, is it really that no women are up to the *quality* of these guys, or is it that the founders rarely listen to chick podcasts? Perhaps it was that more men submitted this year as an average? Or that more men are seasoned podcasters? Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that a woman be chosen just as a token to make it “fair”. Just curious.

  13. Arlene Radasky Says:

    Wow, what a list of good stories! Congratulations one and all. Evo, I am so grateful to you providing all the work that goes into this site. You have provided me a platform to air my work and allow it to get to the public like no other. I am and will be forever thankful I went to the SoCal Writer’s conference, heard about podcasting and your site. I learned not to be a 12 flasher and produce and publish my own podcasted novel. None of that would have been possible without all the help I have received along the way from you Evo, and all the other wonderful people in this community.
    Thank you, thank you. I am having fun.

  14. Evo Says:

    Stats play a part, Emerian. Of the 127 books completed last year, only ten were written or produced by women. I’d LOVE to see more books by women on the site and am very grateful for you and the others who do choose to let us help distribute their work.

    As stated above, I listen to just about every book that gets posted to the site. Most of the time it’s not the entire book. And sometimes not at all, though that’s usually reserved for sequels of books that didn’t strike my fancy. I don’t *think* I have a let gender/sex play a role in my decision to listen or not. I’ve gone on record saying I’m actively looking for reasons to stop listening to content. I stand by that. There’s more content — not just on this site — than anyone can ever hope to listen to in a lifetime. So I’ll stick with the choice bits.

    It also hasn’t much of anything to do with an author’s ability to “podcast”. Those that I chose as winners all had one thing in common — they made great audiobooks. Podcasting is just a technology used to distribute the episodes. Experience making great audiobooks comes into play, but two of those listed above are — as far as I know — first timers with this medium. No idea if they have stage, acting or voice experience, though it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if they do.

  15. Emerian Rich Says:

    Wow! That statistic blows my mind! Sounds like a challenge to me, girls. Let’s kick some butt in 2010! Make Evo proud and hopefully get one of us on the charts next time!
    Thanks Evo, I really did find this stuff interesting.
    10? That’s amazing.

  16. I G Hulme Says:

    Blimey! I’ve just stumbled upon this – thanks so much for all the support over the past year, and for being made to feel so welcome here at Podiobooks! 🙂

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