Call of the Herald

Brian Rathbone adds to our Fantasy selection. He’s providing all of the episodes — yes, as in COMPLETE — of the serialized audiobook version of his novel, Call of the Herald:

Echoes of the ancients’ power are distant memories, tattered and faded by the passage of eons, but that is about to change. A new dawn has arrived. Latent abilities, harbored in mankind’s deepest fibers, wait to be unleashed. Ancient evils awaken, and old fears ignite the fires of war. In times such as these, ordinary people have the power to save the world . . . or destroy it.

Call of the Herald is Book One of The Dawning of Power trilogy. A World of Godsland Novel.

All 20 episodes are currently in the default feed. So mainline to your heart’s content. Or you prefer to spread your listening out and having episodes fit in with the other podcasts you are probably subscribed to, you’ll want a custom feed. Either way, this serialized audiobook is available to you for free.

30 Responses to “Call of the Herald”

  1. Synaptic Jam Says:

    wow… all at once… I’ve already listened to the first couple. Nice delivery… looking forward to the rest of it.

  2. Brian Rathbone Says:

    Thanks Synaptic Jam! I appreciate the feedback, and I’m glad you are enjoying it. I didn’t want anyone to have to wait for new episodes, so I figured all-at-once would be the way to go. Now I need to get back to work on recording Inherited Danger, so I won’t keep you waiting for book two. Thanks again and have a great day.

  3. Alex Says:

    Great story, great narration – I really loved this podiobook and am very much looking forward to the next one. Thank you Brian!

  4. Brian Rathbone Says:

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks so much for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

  5. rabarts Says:

    My review of Call of the Herald can be found here:

    “Rathbone builds a haunting, immersive land of fog and mystery, meticulously building towards the unraveling of that world as the chapters unfold. He writes with care and attention to the finer details of Godsland, his fantasy world, and the characters that inhabit it. Listening to this audiobook, I was hungry for a bit more pace, but when Rathbone does bring on the action, he does so with the same refined skill and grace with which he has constructed his world. Without the methodical buildup, the climactic sequences would have seemed hollow. This is the fine art of world-building at its best.”

    Follow the link to read the whole review.

  6. JaneInPA Says:

    Hi Brian, I enjoyed Call of the Herald and am looking forward to book 2. Thanks for dropping all the eps. at once. I may not have found the story as engaging, if it were released over a few months. Your story and your world is very well structured and delivered beautifully. I was easily emmersed in Godsland. My only constructive comment is that I thought that the personalities of Catrin and the boys did not come thru to me as strongly as the history and the location. Maybe because most of the story is conveyed in narration, with little actual dialog. In any case, I did enjoy the story very much and would easily recommend it. Thanks for presenting your work in this format.

  7. Brian Rathbone Says:

    Hi JaneInPA, thanks so much for the feedback. I look forward to releasing Inherited Danger, as I believe it delivers a greater level of character development. I’ll again be providing all episodes at once and will try to keep the wait between books as short as my schedule will allow. You points are well made, I appreciate the support. I’ve found that providing my work in this format has been very rewarding.

  8. genevere Says:

    Thank you for this story and for making all episodes available at once. The world created is made real. The characters are believable. The writing style is enjoyable and the narration is great. I look forward to listening to the next book. Cheers.

  9. Brian Rathbone Says:

    Thanks Genevere.

    I hope you enjoy Inherited Danger!

  10. Arlene Radasky Says:

    Brain Rathbone’s trilogy, The Dawning of Power, starts with the engrossing Book One, Call of the Herald. Through Brian’s books we watch the maturing of a young girl and her involvement in a major war.

    His descriptions of the children in the book are drawn from those we all know, starting with them as normal young ones, playing jokes on each other and those who they consider pests, or enemies. We soon move into a scene of revenge, one of Catrine’s friends is being beaten and when she steps in to help, a power is thrust from her that caused great damage to the boys who tried to kill her and her friend.

    From there, we moved to an invasion of her country, the rush to escape of Catrine and her friends, all because her townspeople believed she was a witch and the invading troops believed her a woman with powers strong enough and the will to destroy their culture. Whew.

    I was completely drawn into Brian’s story. The characters were real people with honest feelings. The scenes are set so that I felt as if I standing next to the action. I was watching friends work together to escape from first one danger and then another. Each escape brought knowledge that helped the boys learn what they needed to grow stronger and help Catrine then, and we know now, in the future. She will have need of them as she searches for the reason she was given the powers and the knowledge of how to use them.

    Call of the Herald ends and we, as readers/listeners, are left wanting to rush into the next book to find out what happened to those we now consider our friends. Exactly what Brian Rathbone was looking for. Good job!

    I rate this book a five star listen.

  11. Jodi Says:

    I totally enjoyed this book and listened to it in two sessions while doing various yard work and house chores. It was so engaging that I sometimes forgot my surroundings while totally emersed in the book. It has that sort of effect on you. I couldn’t help but feel for the heroine as she goes through various trials and situations that no young girl should have to endure. Her relationships to her family and friends make her character that much more endearing and as a mother it makes you want to wrap your arms around her in comfort and encouragement.
    Great writing, a great story and I look forward to the next book which I will download immediately as I have more yard work to do. 🙂

  12. Brian Rathbone Says:

    Big thanks to Arlene for that review. I appreciate it.

    Jodi, thanks so much for leaving me your comment. I’m so glad that I could whisk you into my world for a while. And if it can make yard work easier, I might have to put that on the back cover. But wait, there’s more! Thanks again.

  13. Mark Carpenter Says:

    I truly enjoyed Brain Rathbone’s, The Call of the Herald. Over past few years, I’ve become a huge Fantasy geek and this book was right up my alley. It is filled with plenty of action and the twists and turns kept me driving onward to discover what would happen next. I definitely became attached to many of the characters as they played their parts in the quest and I learned more about them.

    Some of the quotes Rathbone used were thought provoking and I found then as inspirational as Tolkien’s!!!

    Life is the greatest of all mysteries, and though I seek to solve its manyriddles, my deepest fear is that I will succeed.
    —CiCi Bajur, philosopher

    If peace cannot be made, then peace shall be seized.
    —Von of the Elsics

    Just to name a couple.
    This podiobook is a great listen that gave me a mix of emotions and an intense ride into Brain’s world. I gave this a 4 star rating because of a few recording issues.

  14. Brian Rathbone Says:


    Thanks for the thoughtful review. I am working on rerecording much of this book now that I’ve learned so much while recording the rest of the trilogy. I really appreciate your feedback.

    I’m glad you liked the quotes. Coming up with those was one of the really fun parts of writing these books. I have a list of new ones ready to go and I add more as they come to me. I’m particularly fond of: “Wisdom is the reward for surviving our own stupidity.”

  15. Dave Says:

    I really wanted to get into this, but I couldn’t stand the narration style. Every sentence was practically read the same way.

  16. Brian Rathbone Says:

    Hi Dave,
    I appreciate your feedback. I learned a lot while recording the next two books, and I agree that the narration in the first book is definitely not my best work. I am hard at work at rerecording Call of the Herald and look forward to releasing the remastered version as soon as I can.

  17. Trastle Says:

    Great book, one of the best I’ve listened to from Thanks for your hard work Brian. Looking forward to the rest of the trilogy.

  18. Rusty S. Says:

    Ok. I admit that I was hooked on this book. I have to drive a lot for my job, and found myself setting the cruise control 5 mph slower just so I could listen to a bit more. Any hints on when the next one will be out?

  19. Brian Rathbone Says:

    Thank you to everyone for your kindness and support. I am happy to announce that Call of the Herald is now available as a free ebook. You can grab your copy at:

    Barnes and Noble

    or Smashwords

  20. Tonia Says:

    I have to say, that for this book the narration was “meh”, but the story hooked me. The story line is similar to other fantasy books I’ve read, but there was enough differences that kept me wanting to listen more and more. By the end of this story, I knew I wanted more, and I know I’ll be sad the story has ended when I get to the final book. However, I can honestly say that in a few months, I will return to this story again.

  21. Didymus Says:

    This is the first book of an epic trilogy that any fantasy fiction lover needs to have in their collection. A well-paced, exciting and engaging story with an imaginative plot and fascinating characters. It did not take long to become immersed in the story and its world. After finishing Dragon Ore I’m looking forward to the next adventure with the Herald and her circle of friends as soon as Brian Rathbone writes it.

  22. Wes Says:

    Hi All,
    I have to say this was a love hate podbook for me. I loved the store, but heated the narration. After the 3rd file I was about to give up, but then found my Sandisk Fuse had a speed up option. This allowed me to finish the great story.

    The Narration, is far to slow, and seem as if the reader is reading to idiots. For your next book please please listen to others and pick up there habits.

    For this reason I can not rate it very high, you have a great story, you just need a great delivery of it.

    Thanks, and sorry form being honest.

  23. American_Patriot245 Says:

    This is a great book! Brian does an excellent job of creating a world that can be easily imagined. I appreciate all the detail in describing scenes and some of the day-to-day routines. This makes the characters more real and believable.

    I also greatly appreciate Brian’s lack of profanity in the book. Many books would be great were it not for the incessant bad language. I can tolerate a sprinkling of it at times but Brian’s (and others’) book proves it is not necessary for a great story!

    The music was nice as well.

  24. Pofadder Says:

    I read all the great reviews of this book and downloaded it. I have completey listened to the first book and half of the second. Now I am wondering if all these people listened to the same book that I did. I have no idea why I listened for so long. It’s like listening to someone read a phonebook. My mind kept wandering then I have to rewind to find out what happened. (which was never much) After a while i just stopped rewinding when that happened coz it happened too often and tried to pick up what I missed in the rest of the story. Speeding up the naration didn’t work for me either. The naration isn’t bad, just too bland, it couldnt keep my attention. Neither could the story. It just draaaags on. Nothing exiting happens except maybe for the end of the first book. A better narator could maybe make this a better book. I just came to a point where i thought: “Why am I still listening to this? I have like 25 Audiobooks waiting, why am I stil waisting my time with this?” I have listened to a lot of books on Podiobooks and this won’t crack my top 40. If you think this book is good and you haven’t yet, then you need to listen to books like Shadowmagic and The Crown Conspiracy. Sorry Mr. Rathbone, it was a VERY good effort, but I didn’t like it. Not all reviews are going to be good. Just my opinion. Use it, don’t use it.

  25. AmayaSasaki Says:

    I have yet to actually listen to the book for real, but with all the comments about the narration being poor, I figured I’d check it for myself. I shall see on the story, but I expect the story will be pretty good. The narration though, I must say, I agree with previous comments that the narration needs work to say the least. I think with speeding up the narration I may be able to get past that to listen to what I expect to be a good story.

  26. Dani J Says:

    I just finished the entire Dawning of Power Trilogy. It was absolutely wonderful! The story was enthralling, I couldn’t put it down. I listened to it while everyone else watched TV, I listened to it while I did my house-hold chores, and I pined for it all day at work. As soon as I would get home, the first thing I did was run and grab my MP3 player so I could finish it.
    I found nothing wrong with the narration whatsoever. By the end of the trilogy, I found myself quite attached to Brian’s voice. He does a great job putting different tones in each character’s voice. I was never unsure as to who was speaking. Also, I find it worth mentioning that even though it was a male voice speaking for a female main character, it didn’t change the mood of the gender. He did a wonderful job with everything!

    Thank you, Brian!

  27. Becky Says:

    I would like to listen to this book, but think after listening to the Introduction/Chapter 1 that now I would rather read it. Is it available in print?
    I have a theater and literature background and the sing song monotone narration is getting way in the way of comprehension of what I am sure is a great story. The narration speed is okay – although it probably could be read a little faster. The dialogue is clear and audio quality good, but the real problem is the reader has created a sing of vowels in words that gets in the way of comprehension, “Katherine was in nooooo mood to enduuuure …” Katherine hated to see her friennnds… either waaay… frieeend – soooon – stiiiill – proveeen… haaad..” There are many narrator writers out there that are great readers, but Brian needs someone to work with him on the vowel sing thing – or just ask someone who loves the story and is a great narrator to read it for him. Congratulations on writing and finishing your books. Being a good writer storyteller is enough. Get an actor/narrator to read it for you and more people will be able to enjoy your podcast.

  28. Jaxx Says:

    I loved this story, initiallally I thought it a lazy day, swinging in a hammock sunny afternoon book (with tall glass of Pimms)

    I discovered it’s more like Tai-chi for your ears a deceptively subtle & effective martial art, the story is carefully choreographed with continuous rhythm & flow.

    Allow yourself to be immersed & you may miss your stop on that commuter train journey or vaguely remember you have chores to do & the story will have achieved its aim…. & you will be disarmed!

  29. Alexander Says:

    Well, after enjoying many post copyright books on the librivox app, I found these books rather refreshing. I enjoyed the tale, it was well thought out, and the author’s use of description was superb. I also believe the author should continue writing and reading, for he has the most excellent voice for it. Very creative. Thank you for the many hours of intense entertainment while at my intensely boring job. We appreciate the effort.

  30. EarsBleeding Says:

    Story seems like it may be interesting, but the reading is incredibly painful. The reader stretches random vowels and employs a severe monotone that makes this unreadable.

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