Welcome J.P. Moore to the site. Today he begins releasing the serialized audiobook version of his historical fantasy novel, Toothless:

France, 1180 AD: an ancient evil is on the march. The Black Yew leads an army of demons through Europe, laying waste with a devastating plague and destroying the relics of Christendom. After losing his wife and daughter, a failed Templar rejoins his comrades in the crusade against the Yew’s army. But the dice are cast against the living, and the Black Yew’s demons slay him, impressing his reanimated corpse into their ranks. He is gifted. He shows great promise as a servant to the Yew. But life is not yet done with him.

If you want to follow J.P.’s release schedule, get the default feed. Or if you want to retain a bit more control and enjoy the book at your pace, then a custom feed is right for you. Either way, it’s a free audiobook for your enjoyment.

56 Responses to “Toothless”

  1. Zeus Says:

    Enjoying this quite a bit thus far. Just wish it didn’t sound like the narrator was inside a shoebox when recording it.

  2. Mik991 Says:

    This is my first book with podiobooks. So far its a good book. The narrator should invest in a usb mic though.

  3. J. P. Moore Says:

    Thanks for the feedback! I hope the audio isn’t getting in the way too much, but am glad that you enjoy the story. I have two more chapters coming soon; that’ll round out Book I. I’ll rustle up a USB mic before recording Book II.

  4. PaulWa Says:

    I’m enjoying this book a lot. Reading comments around this site, I know there’s a big debate about audio quality. Is it as important as the writing, the story, etc. Yeah, the audio quality here isn’t perfect, and I’m glad the author/narrator is upgrading his microphone. I’ve got to say, though, that this is one fine story. I’m waiting for the next chapter!

  5. phignewton Says:

    Great storytelling! The whole use of words and lanquage and moral relativism is freakin awesome! no problem with the adio quality here, issa good read.

  6. Jason L. Froebe Says:

    Good story but a really really bad name “Black Yew”. I doubt that it is meant this way, but I had to read the title a couple times as it sounds very anti-semitic. The title will likely turn people away from reading it.

  7. J. P. Moore Says:

    Absolutely not my intent! A yew, of course, is a type of tree, and a particularly evil-looking one in the right light. Others have any feedback on this?

  8. Lightfinger Says:

    Came here to lavish praise on this book, my first Podiobooks book. I read earlier comments. I agree that the language is beautiful. The novel somehow manages to be an original zombie story. This is a feat. I don’t think there’s any issue with the title or the names. I’d caution anyone against an unfounded interpretation, here. The story’s too good.

  9. Jason L. Froebe Says:

    that’s a wonderful relief! thanks for clarifying!! 🙂

  10. J. P. Moore Says:

    Book I, Chapter VIII marks the end of the first act. Enjoy! Once the USB mic arrives, I’ll begin recording Book II.

  11. Brian Says:

    I’m very much enjoying this book. The narrator makes you feel a part of the story and uses rich language to paint the pictures in which the characters live. Looking forward to future chapters.

  12. Jason L. Froebe Says:

    Thoroughly enjoying the Toothless. Good job so far!!! The scene of where he meets up with his wife and daughter was truly … ‘holy crap’ (in a good way)

    thanks again for podcasting the books!!!

  13. J. P. Moore Says:

    Book II begins! New mic, so it should sound much better. I’ll redo the earlier chapters as time allows. Enjoy!

  14. Zeus Says:

    The new mic is fantastic. The sound clarity is crystal clear. And now, we have werewolves and clairvoyants! It just keeps getting better and better. While I expect the book will have a spectacular ending, I will be sorry to see it end. I hope that this novel is not the last we will see of this dark and exciting world you’ve conjured up.

  15. phignewton Says:

    am glad to this continuing, is really good storytelling.. like reaaaaaaaaaally good storytelling!

  16. Udderly Says:

    Awesome! The best zombie story ever! Keep it up!

  17. Iwata Says:

    I appreciate your storytelling gift, Jeff. Keep up the great work!

  18. J. P. Moore Says:

    Thanks, Iwata!

  19. J. P. Moore Says:

    I’ve just posted the last chapter of Book II. It should pass through to you soon.

    Short vacation before Book III begins … see you all soon! Please continue to spread the word!

  20. Barry Bounous Says:

    Sound quality never bothered me. Black Yew always made sense. The story is just too good. Is this your first????

  21. J. P. Moore Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Barry. Check out my website for some more of my writing, including a novel I wrote a few years ago that’s now available from Double Dragon eBooks. Though I’ve done some podcasting, this is my first podiobook, and a novel I’m particularly proud of.

  22. AUDIOAG Says:

    I hae just finished Book I and am keen for more. My only gripe is that there aren’t more chapters and I might finish this too quickly as I am really engrossed.

    The story telling and language is very professional and I love the Concept of the Black Yew. Imagining this tree exuding evil power being slowly pulled across the countryside is quite interesting. Can’t wait to hear what is coming up.

  23. J. P. Moore Says:

    AudioAG — thanks! Working hard to stay ahead of you! Book III, and the novel, should be done by sometime in July/August. If you’re enjoying it, please spread the word!

  24. J. P. Moore Says:

    Book III, Chapter III is now available! Chapter IV will be a bit delayed, next week.

  25. mister adam Says:

    I’d buy the paper version. I think the audio quality is fine and you’re really good at it. Can’t wait to hear the rest!

  26. J. P. Moore Says:

    Thanks, Adam! Please spread the word!

  27. Wickian Says:

    Well Adam was right, I just listened to the first chapter and it’s really good. I think I’ll go listen to the rest of them.

  28. J. P. Moore Says:

    Thanksm, Wickian! Glad you’re enjoying it!

  29. scottpurdy Says:

    Up until recently I never would have listened to an audio book, thankfully Mr.Moore’s ‘Toothless’ has changed this.. damn, I lead a sheltered life before this point 🙂

    So anyway, the book is extremely well written, I can honestly say that I’m sad that it is not in print (as of yet).

    The characters are engaging, the gritty turmoil-filled world is intriguing and haunting, the tale is dark but hope is shining in the distance, the whole tale flows beautifully.

    A major turning point has just happened in the story and I can’t wait for the next recording!

    Thanks Mr.Moore for writing, recording and entertaining us all with Toothless. 🙂


  30. J. P. Moore Says:

    Scott–Wow! Thanks! You guys keep me going! Thanks for all of your support!

  31. mister adam Says:

    This is my first podio book as well. I can say with confidence that it’s set a pretty high standard for any future listening. Can’t wait for the ending!

  32. J. P. Moore Says:

    Thanks, Mister Adam! Glad you’re enjoying it!

  33. craig Says:

    What a wonderful book. The story is fresh, well thought out, and superbly told. JP’s narration is spot on for the story he presents us; slow and full of lament. The characters are so well constructed that it wasn’t until I read someone else’s comments that I realized they were potential stock figures, like zombies and werewolves. But JP creates them so uniquely and individually that they are anything but off the shelf fantasy icons. Well done! His command of the 12th century genre is marvelous, and there is absolutely no way to anticipate the plot turns. The only caveat I might offer to potential readers is that there are a considerable number of sword vs body interactions, so the faint of heart may take note. But I find the book intriguing and look forward to whatever JP graces us with in the future.

  34. J. P. Moore Says:


    Thanks for the kind words! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Check out my web site for some future plans.

    “… sword vs. body interactions …” 🙂

    -J. P. Moore

  35. rabarts Says:

    Full review of Toothless here:

    “The writing is simply superb, painting the bleak yet inevitable collapse of civilisation before the Black Yew in infinite shades of mist and grey, scoured with blood and decay. Moore wraps his words around your ears like a fog, swirling to reveal the dying world in awful, sorrowful slivers.”

    Follow the link to read the full review.

  36. Sleet Says:

    1/2 way through this audio book. Splendid & origional story!
    It makes for an enjoyable ride home in the car – look forward to it! 🙂
    Excellent writing, oral & visualization makes one really feel what is going on.
    Appreciate your work on this!

  37. J. P. Moore Says:

    Thanks, Sleet! Glad you’re enjoying it! Please spread the word!

  38. thejamaican Says:

    I can tell you how much I enjoyed this book the quality of the writing, narration etc. the whole package was first rate, kudos. I will be spreading the word, may family said I was lost to them while listening. The historical context made it seem closer to a darker history that was, rather than an alternate fantasy.


  39. J. P. Moore Says:

    Thanks for that! Glad you enjoyed it! The positive comments mean A LOT.

  40. Andrew Rowland Says:

    I finished Toothless this morning. An awesome book, I really enjoyed it. While the entire book was great, I enjoyed the ending, particularly. Still giving me some shivers.

    Thank you, JP, for a wonderful experience.

  41. J. P. Moore Says:

    Thanks, Andrew! I’m really glad you enjoyed it! Please spread the word!

  42. Brenda Says:

    Excellent story. Ending was perfect. Thanks!

  43. J. P. Moore Says:

    Thanks, Brenda! Please spread the word!

  44. whiskyman Says:

    Toothless!Toothless!Toothless! Great ending. I need more.

  45. J. P. Moore Says:

    Thanks, whiskyman! I’m churning over follow-up short story (maybe even full blown sequel) ideas. My time right now, though, is monopolized by finalizing the print edition (available from Dragon Moon Press in October/November) and working on another project.

    Please spread the word about Toothless! So glad you liked it!

  46. ocm185 Says:

    WOW – Book started a little slow – but picked up quick….Loved the whole thing – move over Scott Sigler – Earth Core. This book rates up there. Thanks

  47. J. P. Moore Says:

    Thanks for that! You put me in good company, there. Please spread the word!

  48. J. P. Moore Says:

    Thanks for the kind words! You put me in good company, there. Please spread the word!

  49. drevix Says:

    Finished listening to this book about a month ago, first audio book for me. Forgive me if my memory is a little hazy.
    I really liked the imagery in the first book, I got right into your world and wanted more.
    The second book felt a little less in depth to me, not sure why, possibly because of the character shift. I think I liked Toothless too much to need a shift in focus. Although his introspection was well laid out here.
    The last book was somewhere in between I and II, I think I was just blown away with book I and the latter two didn’t seem to feel the same to me.
    The ending was perfect, I thought, I can’t obviously say much except I liked the way you portrayed the desires of everyone involved.
    I thought I would be honest, so no offence intended. I will search for more of your work because of this book though!
    I really hope you delve more into this world as I loved the idea of seeing through the other side.
    Great work and look forward to more!

  50. J. P. Moore Says:

    Thanks for that, Drevix! Glad you enjoyed it!

  51. Chet Says:

    Wow, I actually had to have my mp3 player taken away from me so I would stop listening. This story was great, the imagery painted, the back stories, and the continuity throughout.

    And yes there will be more from this author. (Can’t wait)

  52. J. P. Moore Says:

    Thanks, Chet! Glad you enjoyed it! Please spread the word!

  53. collin Says:

    Hi, fantastic audiobook! – your blooming affair with intriguing & beautifully descriptive prose is a refreshing & addictive tonic.

    can you tell us when ‘the Old God’ will be available?

    thanks again


  54. Duane R. Says:

    It is One of the best most enjoyable character I have ever followed. The story is rich with detail and filled with mystery and intrigue. This brought a whole new setting for zombies.
    I looked over this book a few times this year looking something better…… There isn’t (for me). I was surprised and delighted with this story.
    I can not put in words ow this story made me feel. Loved it.
    I would follow brother Martin into battle any day.

    Thank you J.P. Moore!

    Note a few of the earlier stories have less sound quality then the rest but the poor sound did not in anyway impede the story at all.
    I wish for some more info of the Yew how and why they came about. Perhaps In the near future we will see some more of the world that was soaked in pestilence!!!!

  55. Nannika Says:

    I must say, on starting this book, your vivid (grotesque) detail of the fallen was a bit of a stumbling block. I really thought about stopping the book. But then I persevered to the end and…WHAT A BOOK. Even though someone commented on the poor audio, I liked it. Each character had a distinct quality that your voice really brought out. Like Fr. Francis. I detest him, but seriously. At times I felt as frustrated as poor Martin without a voice 🙁

    I wouldn’t ask you to change a thing. Only thing…I didn’t picture him to be green. In my mind he was pretty much normal…without a jaw ;-p Thanks mucho. Keep up the good work.

  56. wild bill Says:

    First review in 3 years, hmmm. Podiobooks keeps surprising! Excellent listen! I hope we can hear more from Mr. Moore.

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