Archive for April, 2009 – Chris Miller on Podiobooks 2.0

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 is excited to add our voices to the Podiobooker feed and bring you the latest scoop on We deliver news, contests and interviews with the authors themselves in quick twenty-minute episodes. To celebrate our debut we’re unveiling the special edition Chris Miller interview on the much anticipated Podiobooks 2.0. Find out what changes are in store for from the developer’s lips […]

Nominate your favorite serialized audiobook for a Parsec award

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

The Parsec awards are given out each year to the best in speculative fiction podcasting. No, not all of our serialized audiobooks fit the “speculative fiction” category, but many do. Nominations for the 2009 Parsec awards are now open. There are three categories germane to works you may find here at Best Speculative Fiction […]

7th Son trilogy movie rights optioned by Warner Bros.

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Step 1: Write a damn good book. Step 2: Pour your heart and soul into making a fantastic serialized audiobook version. Step 3: Relentlessly connect with your fans Step 4: Get paid big bucks in movie options by Warner Bros. That’s what happened for J.C. Hutchins. I’ll let him tell you the rest: I’ve been […]

Phil Rossi – Behind the Podcast

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Phil Rossi is cooking up something new. It’s a video series called “Behind the Podcast“. It’s a video podcast that chronicles the reality of taking his stories/novels and turning them into serialized audio. And all the while balancing writing new material, promoting his print releases, music, family, job, and lack of sleep. I’m pretty sure […]

Untrue Tales From Beyond Fiction – Recollections of an Alternate Past, Book One: An Introduction To Dodgeball -or- Conception and Induction -or- How To Begin An Apocalypse

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Teel McClanahan III is unleashing another serialized audiobook today. This one speaks for itself in the title alone: Untrue Tales From Beyond Fiction – Recollections of an Alternate Past, Book One: An Introduction To Dodgeball -or- Conception and Induction -or- How To Begin An Apocalypse. Contains mature content not suitable for all readers. Book One […]

The Market for Liberty is COMPLETE!

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

The final episode in Linda and Morris Tannehill’s iconoclastic The Market For Liberty has just been posted. All 14 are now available for your enjoyment completely on your schedule.

Buy kid-friendly version of The Rookie in print

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Scott Sigler is at it again. You’ve probably listened to The Rookie already. If not, it’s worth your time. But Scott wasn’t satisfied with it in it’s current form. Not that the content wasn’t ready for publication, but it was too… adult. He has some younger family members that he would love to share the […]

Delclaring the listen vs read audiobooks debate officially stupid

Friday, April 24th, 2009

I guess my last rant on the topics of personal preferences in book reading didn’t go far enough. Because if I hear one more person try and correct someone talking about reading an audiobook, I’m going to scream. For the record: Yes, you can read an audiobook. Stating otherwise shows, at best, your ignorance. And […]

KIRINS: The Spell of No’an

Friday, April 24th, 2009

James D. Priest adds to our “Family Friendly” collection today. He’s releasing a serialized audibook version of his fantasy novel, KIRINS: The Spell of No’an: A race of tiny, magical beings lives on Earth today. They dwell in elaborate tree homes and mysterious underground sanctuaries. Because of an ancient dispute, however, humans are unaware of […]

The Ninth Avatar

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Please welcome Todd Newton to the site. He’s starting the release of the serialized audibook version of his novel, The Ninth Avatar: Nine Pillars, Eight Avatars For Starka, an outcast accused of incest, life is about as simple as one could hope. A prophecy of the ascension of the Avatar of Darkness changed that. Starka, […]