2008 Founders Choice Awards

This year’s five Founders Choice Awards for excellence in serialized audiobook production for titles here on Podiobooks.com go to:

Honorable mention goes to:

Here’s to 2009!

About the Founders Choice Awards

    The Founders Choice Awards are given annually — well, they will be given annually — to serialized audiobooks of impeccable quality. There are four criteria for choosing winners:

    1. The final episode* must have been posted within the calendar year

    2. Must have passed our panel of Sounding Board Editors who decide which titles are featured on the site
    3. Evo (that’s me) must have listened to all episodes
    4. Evo says it wins

    No, it’s neither scientific nor democratic. But that’s OK. There are lots of awards and accolades out there. I’d kind of like to have my own, if that’s OK with you. I consume lots of the serialized audiobooks on our site. But no, I don’t listen to them all. I dare say that I listen to most of them (or at least start to listen to most of them), but I will concede that there are books on the site that I haven’t listened to. Again, that’s OK. The start and end of the Founders Choice Award is me mentioning it here on the blog. And maybe someone will come up with cool graphic to put with each title that wins. But there’s no special treatment — as if I had any to give!

* – By “final”, I mean the last episode in the primary book content. That doesn’t count Q&A or other sorts of “extra” materials that aren’t critical to the story itself.

8 Responses to “2008 Founders Choice Awards”

  1. Basil Sands Says:

    Daaaannnngg…..I’m famous. 😉

    Thanks for the shot in arm Evo….and congrats to my fellow podsters. Happy new year!

  2. Nobilis Says:

    Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentioners! There are some marvelous books in that list.

    Now I have something meaningful to shoot for!

  3. Amy Bowen Says:

    Evo, I loved Letter from China, too. I’m really happy to see it win.

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  4. SynapticJam - Jim Says:

    Congratulations!!! Glad you could all tickle Evo’s fancy. I hope to someday join you. Feather at the ready!

  5. Samantha Says:

    Awesome! SO glad to see ‘Double Share’ on there!! One of the best podcast novels ive had the pleasure to listen to hands down.

    Playing for keeps and space casey are both swell as well. Looks like I need to get cracking listening to the rest of these. 🙂 🙂

  6. ‘Iron Dragons’ a PodioBooks Honorable Mention Says:

    […] I’m proud to announce that the guys behind PodioBooks.com selected the audio version of Iron Dragons as one of five Honorable Mentions in the 2008 Founders Choice Awards. […]

  7. Podiobooker » Blog Archive » 2009 Founder’s Choice Awards Says:

    […] is given out at the book level. But yes, you’ll notice some of the authors listed above also had winning titles last year. That’s OK. Their books deserved it. You can read more about the selection criteria […]

  8. holly wilson Says:

    phil rossi, scott sigler, mike bennett, nathan lowell – WOW! what a group of AWESOME Authors! These guys are GIVING us their souls for FREE! I am so honored to have run across this website about a year ago, I would have never known about these books available, its like having my very own library AT HOME! I love this website and kudos to ALL the authors that contribute their sweat and hard work to this site! They ALL deserve AWARDS! I want bigger flashdrives and more memory on my devices so I can listen to the large variety of books available!

    Thank you all for contributing you works to Podiobooks.com


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